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Hugh Edwards
Treasures of the Deep

The Extraordinary Life and Times of Captain Mike Hatcher

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Treasures of the Deep: The thrilling true story of Mike Hatcher, the celebrated ocean salvor who raised sunken treasures from the seven seas.

TREASURES OF THE Deep is the enthralling true story of Mike Hatcher, who began his life in an English orphanage and who has gone on to scour the seven seas for sunken treasure. Hatcher has become the most celebrated ocean salvor of modern times, raising countless precious cargoes from exotic locations and making his millions through the sale of the artefacts he has found. Perhaps most famous of all is the Nanking Cargo, found aboard a sunken Dutch East Indiaman in the South China Sea, which was sold for over 10 million British pounds.

Hatcher has also witnessed first hand the tragedy of war-torn Vietnam and post-Khmer Rouge Cambodia and has periodically incurred the wrath of southeast Asian governments, marine archaeologists and unscrupulous competitors.

This book tells of the many adventures he has had as a modern-day treasure hunter aboard sunken galleons. It is a story of guts and determination in the face of adversity, and of daring, skill and fantastic rewards.

Hugh Edwards is an award-winning writer and marine photographer from Western Australia. He is the author of over 20 books including the bestseller, Islands of Angry Ghosts, which describes the tragic story and subsequent recovery of the ship Batavia. An experienced diver, he participated in some of Mike Hatcher's dangerous voyages.

Bindning & skick: Limhäftad. 8:o (upp till cirka 148x210 mm) År: 2000. Omfång: 279 s. : ill. ISBN: 0732258855. Språk: Engelska

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Författare: Edwards, Hugh
Titel: Treasures of the Deep
Undertitel: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Captain Mike Hatcher

Förlag: HarperCollins
Genre: Biografi / Memoarer
Artikelnr: 508733

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