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Geckosaurus - House of Books

Sarah Eriksson
Forged in Crimson

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An epic tale of war, oppression, and unlikely alliances as three young heroes fight to free their realm.

A YOUNG WARRIOR fated to pick up his father’s mantle

An orphan boy with a musician’s soul

And a girl determined to prove her worth

War and blood have ravaged the continent, passing down a burdensome inheritance from one generation to the next, felt across the realms. As the seeds of poverty and exploitation take root, citizens must do what they can to survive the effects of an ill-begotten war.

While others suffer, Cidron Ross plucks unsuspecting youths from the slums of Levent and employs them as servants called thrall, tempting them with false promises and coercing them to sign unethical contracts. But while he insists on being the most clever man in the room, he may have met his match.

Concurrently, “Teller,” fed up with his father’s misconstrued intentions, begins living under an alias and abandons his privileged life. Then, Gil watches his dreams crumble before his eyes, leaving him bereft and alone. Meanwhile, a headstrong young woman named Leah accepts an ill-fated offer against her mothers wishes.

After taking on jobs with Cidron Ross, the trio forms a band of misfits bound by hardship and heartbreak. But, when their work assignments inadvertently unravel realm secrets, they begin using their newfound friendship and knowledge against Cidron. With any luck, they just might pry themselves and other thrall from Cidron’s ruthless clutches.

Young and underestimated, these three may just be the realm’s best hope for revolution.

Bindning: Storpocket. 8:o (148x210 mm) År: 2023. Omfång: 319 s. ISBN: 9789198815917. Språk: Engelska

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Författare: Eriksson, Sarah
Titel: Forged in Crimson
Förlag: Geckosaurus - House of Books
Serie: Silver and Crimson
Genre: Fantasy och science fiction
Artikelnr: 181681237

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