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Grantham Books Services

Lauren Forry
The Launch Party

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An Agatha Christie-style murder mystery set in the first hotel on the moon. A thrilling and unique locked room mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

AGATHA CHRISTIE MEETS Andy Weir in the ultimate locked room mystery set in the first hotel on the moon. Perfect for fans of Lucy Foley, Anthony Horowitz and Hanna Jameson. FEATURED IN THE EVENING STANDARD'S BOOKS TO WATCH IN 2023 'The moon makes for a spectacular setting in this highly entertaining Agatha Christie-style murder mystery' TM LOGAN, author of The Mother and The Holiday 'And Then There Were None meets Black Mirror. Lauren Forry's moon-based murder mystery is heaps of fun. I had a blast!' TOM HINDLE, author of A Fatal Crossing THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME. YOU'D DIE TO BE THERE. Ten lucky people have won a place at the most exclusive launch event of the century: the grand opening of the Hotel Artemis, the first hotel on the moon. It's an invitation to die for. As their transport departs for its return to Earth and the doors seal shut behind them, the guests take the next leap for mankind. However, they soon discover that all is not as it seems. The champagne may be flowing, but there is no one to pour it. Room service is available, but there is no one to deliver it. Besides the ten of them, they are completely alone. When one of the guests is found murdered, fear spreads through the group. But that death is only the beginning. Being three days' journey from home and with no way to contact the outside, can any of the guests survive their stay? 'A truly dastardly, devilish and downright terrific murder mystery that's unputdownable' JONATHAN WHITELAW, author of The Bingo Hall Detectives 'The ultimate locked room mystery - an out-of-this-world And Then There Were None' FIONA LEITCH, author of The Cornish Wedding Murder 'A truly unique take on a locked room murder' SARAH YARWOOD-LOVETT, author of A Murder of Crows 'Get lost in space in this fresh twist on the locked-room mystery. Fast-paced and funny, The Launch Party will take you to the dark side of the moon' JO FURNISS, author of All the Little Children

Bindning: Pocket. 8:o (129x198 mm) År: 2023. Omfång: 400 s. ISBN: 9781838777517. Språk: Engelska

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Författare: Forry, Lauren
Titel: The Launch Party
Förlag: Grantham Books Services
Genre: Deckare, thrillers och spänning
Artikelnr: 151452236

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